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Mango Chia Pudding

Are you a mango lover like me? Try this overnight refrigerated mango chia pudding which needs less than 5 mins for preparation. It is so good, healthy and totally refined sugar free

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Ingredients (2 portions):

1. 3 teaspoons chia seeds

2. 6 tablespoons low fat Greek yoghurt (soy yoghurt for vegans)

3. 1 ripen mango

4. 4 table spoons granola (for topping)

5. 2 table spoons blue berries (for topping)

6. A few pinches of cocoa powder (for topping)

7. Protein powder (optional)


  • Mix chia seeds and protein powder well with the yoghurt in a bowl either by electric mixer or by hand

  • Blend the mango in a blender to get a mango paste

  • In a glass, layer it with first layer as the yoghurt-chia mix, then mango paste and refrigerate it over night

  • Top it with all the toppings just before serving

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