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Tapioca Salad

In weekdays, it could be challenging to find something quick and healthy to cook. So, here's my tapioca salad recipe inspired with the south-east Asian flavours. This is so quick (under 10 minutes) to make and yet very healthy and delicious!!

Cuisine: South-East Asian

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Ingredients (1 portions):

1. Half red onion

2. 3 spring onion

3. 1 cup tapioca

4. Half green onion

5. 1 cucumber

6. 100gm tofu

7. 1 cup fresh mint

8. Half cup fresh coriander

9. 1 tomato

10. 2 teaspoon soya sauce

11. 2 teaspoon green chilly sauce

12. Half cup vegetable broth

13. 1 garlic clove

14. 1 teaspoon ginger


  • Set tapioca to soak in water as per the instructions on the pack.

  • Chop all the vegetables very finely and add to a big bowl.

  • In a pan, add finely chopped garlic and ginger and roast for about 1 minute until garlic turns golden brown.

  • Add all the sauces and vegetable Cook for another 2 minutes and let most of the water evaporate, it should get thick paste like consistency,

  • Add tofu to the pan and coat it well with the sauce.

  • Now, add this to the vegetable bowl together with tapioca and serve.

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