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Vegan Avocado Ice-cream

During the warm summer days, who doesn't love a good ice cream. Doesn't it taste better when you can make it home? Here's my avocado ice cream recipe, so easy and quick to make and tastes so good!!

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Ingredients(3-4 servings):

1. 2 ripen avocados

2. 1 ripen banana

3. 300 ml coconut whipping cream

4. Half cup chopped pistachios

5. Half cup chopped vegan dark chocolate

6. 3 tablespoons maple syrup


  • In a blender, blend together 100 ml of the whipping cream (un-whipped) together banana and avocados

  • Now in a big bowl, whip rest of the whipping cream until it is foamy.

  • Add blended mixture from the blender to the whipped cream.

  • Add pistachios, chocolate and maple syrup and mix well. And, your ice-cream mix is ready.

  • Transfer the mix to ice-cream moulds or in a bowl and freeze it overnight.

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